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Thom Hartman

“Not only does this book tell you what’s really going on, but it even draws you a picture of it. Read, learn act!”

— Jim Hightower
Radio commentator and author of Thieves in High Places and If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote...

“Thom Hartmann has done it again! He's like America's Civics Teacher, telling us everything we need to know about what democracy really is, and how to protect it when threats abound.”

— Marianne Williamson
Co-founder, Global Renaissance Alliance, and author of Healing the Soul of America and Everyday Grace

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“We haven't read any other book that covers such sweeping historical, political and corporate collusion issues in such succinct, accessible terms.”


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[The early years of publication were wondrous for this title…in terms of sales and impact. In 2004 and 2005, a couple of people told me they’d heard Thom say that it was the favorite of his books. The last four years have hit it hard, however. It’s now quite dated. A revised edition has been in the works for some time but the realities of personal lives have slowed it down.

If you would like to be kept in the loop, please contact us: contact (at) we-the-people-book.com. A KickStarter campaign should be launched in 2012 to bring the revised edition out.]

We the People Book

America faces its greatest threat since the Civil War. The worst fears of the Founders are being realized, as powerful corporate interests have taken over our culture and representative government. We the People now face a fundamental choice: take back our country ... or do nothing, and become victims of tyranny and empire.

In We the People: A Call to Take Back America, Thom Hartmann (the acclaimed author of Unequal Protection and The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight) tells a compelling story — of how a government of, by, and for the people has been replaced by corporate domination. Through brilliant analysis and Neil Cohn ‘s imaginative illustrations, this fully graphic book illuminates the central dynamics of American politics.

He reveals the forgotten history of the Founders’ intent and the devious way that corporations came to possess “human” rights. He explains what the Boston Tea Party actually was, how the events of the 19th century’s “Second American Revolution” resemble today’s administration, and how “corporatists” disguised as conservatives are looting assets from We the People’s common ownership through privatization schemes.

Most importantly, the book issues a call to action from citizens who want to restore true democracy, and liberty and justice... for all.

We the People - Cover